Baking without dairy or gluten can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. In fact, there are many delicious vegan and gluten-free baked goods that are just as satisfying as their traditional counterparts. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips and tricks for vegan and gluten-free baking, so you can enjoy all the delicious treats without sacrificing taste or texture.

Understanding Vegan and Gluten-Free Baking

Before we dive into the tips and tricks, it’s important to understand the basics of vegan and gluten-free baking. Vegan baking means using ingredients that do not come from animals, such as eggs, milk, or butter. Gluten-free baking means using ingredients that do not contain gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye that can cause problems for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Tips for Vegan and Gluten-Free Baking

  1. Here are some tips for vegan and gluten-free baking that will help you achieve delicious results:
  2. Use a variety of flours: Instead of relying solely on wheat flour, experiment with other gluten-free flours like almond, coconut, or rice flour. Combining different flours can help achieve the right texture and taste.
  3. Use binding agents: In vegan baking, you’ll need to replace eggs as a binding agent. Some options include applesauce, mashed bananas, or flaxseed meal mixed with water. For gluten-free baking, xanthan gum or guar gum can help bind ingredients together.
  4. Substitute dairy: To replace milk or cream, use non-dairy alternatives like almond milk, soy milk, or coconut cream. Vegan butter substitutes like coconut oil or margarine can also be used.
  5. Sweeten with natural sugars: Instead of using refined sugar, try natural sweeteners like maple syrup, agave nectar, or coconut sugar. These options are healthier and add a unique flavor to baked goods.

Be patient: Vegan and gluten-free baking can take longer than traditional baking. Be patient and allow baked goods to cool completely before removing them from the pan or cutting into them.

Gluten-Free Bakery Madison WITricks for Vegan and Gluten-Free Baking

Here are some additional tricks for vegan and gluten-free baking that will help you achieve even better results:

  1. Add moisture: Gluten-free flours can be dry, so adding moisture to your batter or dough can help achieve the right texture. Try adding applesauce, mashed bananas, or non-dairy yogurt to your recipes.
  2. Add acidity: Adding acidic ingredients like vinegar or lemon juice can help activate the baking powder or baking soda in your recipes, which helps them rise.
  3. Use aquafaba: Aquafaba is the liquid that comes from a can of chickpeas. It can be whipped into a fluffy consistency, making it a great replacement for egg whites.


Vegan and gluten-free baking may seem challenging at first, but with the right ingredients, technique, and patience, you can achieve delicious results. These tips and tricks will help you create tasty treats that are suitable for a wide range of dietary needs. Experiment with different flours, binding agents, and sweeteners, and don’t be afraid to try new recipes. Happy baking!

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